Proven Results: College Placements

Throughout 20 years of business, PA Tennis Academy has assisted in the placement of many players into DI, DII, and DIII programs. 

PTA will guide each player through to playing college tennis. The process will begin with an initial meeting involving your personal coach at PTA and Kelly Sorbo, and we will customize a complete plan that is specific to your player.  We also offer video production and editing of player recruiting videos. Contact us with any questions or to schedule your appointment today. 

College Placement List

Air Force Academy (Karissa Walker)
Allegheny College (Carolyn Shetter)
Ball State University (Isabelle Dohanics)
Bates  (Kate Rosenthal)
Brown University (Cate Stewart)
Cleveland State University (Jay Jones)
Colorado State University (Jessica Jones)
Cornell University (Sara Perelman)
Davidson College (Kim Whelan, Elise Held)
Dayton University (Molly Matthews, Erica Wojciewicz)
Denison (Meghan Damico, Jenny Larimore, Sarah Short, Madeline Hart, Isabelle Hart)
Duquesne University (Steve Hersenko, Spencer Caravaggio)
Emory University (Ally Damico, Emma Perelman)
Franklin Marshall University (Meredith Lackey)
George Washington University (Jake Joplin)
Harvard University (Kelly Whelan, Anna Li)
Iowa State (Annette Dohanics)
James Madison University (Marie Zessinger, Carlin Campbell)
Lehigh University (DJ Goldblum)
Montana State University (Stacey Voelker)
Penn State University (Jimmy Crowell, Dorothy Dohanic)
Santa Clara University (Eric Kochanski)
Slippery Rock University (Laura Handy)
United States Naval Academy (Logan Antill, Tina Li)
University of Delaware (Amanda Campbell, Olivia Heim, Emily Gotkiewicz)
University of Minnesota (Amy Thomas)
University of Pittsburgh (Laura Pegula, Christy D’Achille, Blair Brown)
University of Texas (Kelly Baritot)
Western Michigan University (Olivia Meyers)
West Chester University (Katherine Ambrose)
West Point Military Academy (Annie Houghten, Johnny Houghten, Evan Kowalski)
West Virginia University (Eric Kohansic, Alex Kaluza, Yvon Martinez)
Wisconsin University (Dena Baritot)
Wofford College (Sabrina Smyers)
WTA Pro Circuit (Allie Riske)