Proven Results: Testimonials

Hear it from Our Members

     "My daughter has been attending PTA for the last seven years. Throughout the years, we have been pleased with PTA's commitment to being the premier tennis facility for junior players. Not only has my daughter's tennis game improved immensely, but she has also developed very close relationships with coaches and fellow players; making it her second home. We highly recommend PTA to anyone interested in getting his or her child into the tennis game. Whether you're interested in developing a recreational tennis player or a division 1 scholarship athlete, PTA is the place for your child."
Joselyn Wojcikiewicz

     "We have found that PTA is a wonderful place for my girls to play tennis. In addition to tennis skills, the coaches teach the players leadership, friendship, and a sense of responsibility. PTA provides a training environment that makes the kids feel at home. They are taught to challenge themselves both physically and mentally and to improve their tennis skills through their hard work and critical thinking. Over the last 4 years, the girls have achieved a lot and have become real competitors in tennis. They also had lot of fun and PTA is considered a second home for them. The experience they had from tennis also has positive impacts on other aspects of girl's’ life."
Song Li

     "BEST EXPERIENCE at PTA!!!  Staff members are very warm and welcoming, tennis instructors extremely knowledgeable and always giving positive feedback, the main objective is to strive to do your best; they want you to succeed both on the tennis court and throughout life.  The most wonderful mentors a parent could ask for!!!!"
Mary Lee Kolano

     "Tennis is a metaphor for life and we have found that the fundamentals for both are taught at Pennsylvania Tennis Academy.   We have entrusted the training, guidance, and care of our children to Kelly and her professional team at PTA.  This program teaches not only the essential skills of competitive tennis but the foundation for a vital and successful life; hard work, self-reliance, and trust in your peers and coaches.  We would not hesitate to recommend this outstanding program to anyone who loves tennis and wishes to enrich the lives of their children."
Mike ​& Carey Sirianni

     "As a family with two daughters that started playing tennis at a young age, and continued on to be recruited for college, we had the good fortune to be introduced to PTA - and have been working with them for a decade since that fateful day.  The tennis journey is a long one, filled with twists and turns and plenty of stumbling blocks along the way.  The tennis journey is a family affair. We have joined our girls on the highs and the lows of this unpredictable path.  From the glory of a good win, to the setback of injury, we feel we really have seen it all. As we are nearing the end of our journey, we can reflect back on the incredible partnership we have forged with PTA, the Baritot's and their talented dedicated staff. The success our girls have achieved in tennis can be attributed in large part to the instruction and support of their incredible program.
     PTA has become a second home to our girls. When one spends 6 days a week training for 10 years, of course it has! The time and energy that the PTA staff has expended on our daughters is quite remarkable. Knowing when to push them, and when to lend a shoulder to cry on is an art and a skill. The staff continued to motivate our girls, to ground them, and to provide a safe haven for them when life was not going the way they wanted. On the court, both daughters were transformed from young girls that could barely see over the net, to young women who have solid strokes, strategy on court, fast feet and mental toughness. Creating a full arsenal of tennis skills, both physically and mentally, requires years of time, ongoing world-class instruction and endless effort. The PTA environment provided the girls with a solid and well-researched approach to learning, the freedom to reach for dreams and the safety of knowing that even in moments of failure the staff would be there for support.  The training and nurturing extended well beyond the tennis court. From the many phone calls and texts after hours, to countless trips by car and plane to USTA sectional and national tournaments all over the country together, the PTA team provides an unparalleled and comprehensive approach to teaching tennis. They stay on top of current trends in the tennis world (from new footwork seen on the tour to new equipment available to juniors), provide support with conditioning and PT, and remain dedicated to the students that want to excel in the sport.
     I would recommend PTA to any family looking to ride the rollercoaster of junior tennis. They will be there for your child through it all - and will help your child reach their potential and goals.  It is a long road. It is a tough road. But PTA knows how to navigate the arduous path. The benefits of letting PTA guide your child will extend well beyond the court. The life lessons our daughters have learned will stay with them forever. With one child now out of college and in the real world, I can see she is achieving great things largely because of her work ethic and her ability to handle pressure/manage a full schedule. These skills were taught to her at PTA as she worked to become an elite junior player. PTA has been a valued partner in our family's journey and we are forever grateful for their willingness to help us on our journey to success."

Greg & Susie Perelman


     "Pennsylvania Tennis Academy has been a very safe and enriching environment for my daughter for the past three years.  We are in a unique situation in that Emily, now 14, has been training at PTA almost daily for the past three years.  She is attending PA Cyber School and is currently in the 9th grade.  My trust in Pennsylvania Tennis Academy is sincere enough to allow her to arrive by 8am most days and stay until 7 pm.  She has space to attend her online classes and spends her day negotiating schoolwork in addition to tennis lessons and clinics.  Her well being is paramount to me, and I would not allow her to train in this manner if I were not comfortable with her environment. 
     PTA has been a place where Emily has learned how to be an independent student, a friend, a responsible helper, a nationally ranked tennis player, and a good human being.  She has always felt safe and comfortable.  Tennis has taught her athleticism and life lessons.  PTA has helped mature her into a responsible, respectful, and kind teenager.  I have full faith that Kelly has her back and her best interests at heart--not just for tennis, but for her well being overall.  This positive environment also filters to the other coaches who Emily works with, creating a very nurturing and caring place to learn and grow. 
     As a pediatrician, I see the many challenges that teenagers encounter in our modern world.  It is very difficult to negotiate things today.  PTA has been a perfect place for Emily.  She is thriving academically, athletically, and socially in a safe place under responsible direction.  I feel there is no other training facility in the Pittsburgh area that could offer what PTA has to offer for my child.  I am indebted to Kelly and PTA for their role in developing the wonderful young woman Emily is growing into."

Dawn-Marie Gotkiewicz, MD

     "When our daughter expressed an interest in learning tennis we researched all of the clubs in the area before choosing PTA. That was eight years ago and we could not have been more pleased with our decision. The professionals at PTA meet with the player/family then tailor a program to achieve the desired goal. Our daughter started out with the goal of playing college tennis. As she neared high school graduation she realized her heart was set on a rigorous academic track that did not allow for time to play on a varsity team. At college she continues to play as often as she can, appreciating the great workout as well as the social aspect of the game. If her career aspirations change, training at PTA has given her the skills needed to compete for a spot on a number of teams at all division levels. We highly recommend PTA to any family whether your student's goal is learning a lifelong sport or a tennis scholarship to their dream school."
The Carvers


     "Six years ago my husband and I decided to make a change in the tennis facility and coach our two daughters had been training with for 3 years.  Our decision was based on the fact that the girls simply out grew them.  It was time to move on.

     A friend of ours told us about Pennsylvania Tennis Academy, PTA, and suggested we give it a try.  We took their advice and set an appointment to meet with the coaches and owner. That’s all it took.  Six years later our two girls are thriving on and off the courts!  

     We have seen tremendous growth in both girls.  PTA has been diligent in teaching proper technique for all strokes including serves.  We no longer hold our breath every time our oldest daughter serves during a match (only sometimes!).   
     PTA has also focused on footwork.  The girls went from barely moving their feet to successfully covering the court.  When the girls have struggled with something during a match, the coaches have focused on that particular issue during their private lessons and work until the issue is corrected.

     PTA also teaches strategy and the art of winning.  They have given them the knowledge of the game and the confidence to make strategic decisions while playing a match.  My girls stand alone on the court with confidence and courage and make decisions.  They play with integrity and honor.  Core values important to PTA.  Life lessons are taught on the tennis court.

     We have experienced so many wonderful things at PTA but perhaps the most important is that our girls have found lifelong friends.  Friends that also work hard, get good grades, share similar values and support each other.   My husband and I have also found wonderful friends.  And as for our family, well, we have found a home."

Patton Family

"It is fun to play sports, and it is really fun to be good at work hard for it. Kelly Sorbo and the PTA staff get this. My daughter is not only becoming a better player, but also a better person.  Thank you PTA!"
Fernandez Family